summer lists on a wednesday morning.

July 22, 2020

The last time I composed a list like this was two years ago. My mother and my best friend’s mother were still alive, no one had heard of Covid-19, and we were knee-deep in home renovations. Life, in hindsight, was much more simple, less sad.

When I awoke this morning I felt suddenly compelled to revisit these lists of mine, perhaps as a way to document this moment in time.

Here’s a little glimpse at life right now:

things I’ve loved lately.
the corona correspondences via sewanee review
looking up new recipes to try
starting every day with coffee and a book
(often random, often meandering) texts with Carolyn

things currently on my nightstand.
hollywood park by mikel jollett
ear plugs (because I’m a light sleeper)
hair elastic
journal and pen
empty water glass

things I want to purchase but won’t.
this book, which I have instead put on hold at the library
this coffee maker
think anyone would be able to tell this isn’t real?

things I wish I could forget.
toxic people/memories/conversations
the sound of trump spewing lies
the times I’ve spoken before thinking

songs I can’t stop listening to.
the bones by maren morris
much too much by lennon stella
edge of desire by john mayer
finally // beautiful stranger by halsey
bad guy by billie eilish

the type of woman I want to be.


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