don’t throw it away

March 24, 2022

Just dropping in to share a quick thought because it’s been swimming around in my head, and the only thing I can do to rid myself of these kinds of repetitive, sometimes disruptive thoughts is to write them down.

A few years after I moved to Las Vegas, I was back in Canada visiting my family and dug out my boxes of old journals from storage in my parents’ basement. I don’t quite know what it was that led me to do this ( maybe it was some kind of fear that they would be found and read), but I went through them all, selected a few to take back with me to Vegas… and threw away the rest.

Take it from me: don’t throw it away. Whatever that thing is that takes you back, reminds you of old times, even literally details all the old times–don’t throw them away. There will come a time that you will regret it. And regret it I have. From the moment I realized that I had thrown away all of my journals during college, all I have felt is pure regret. I can’t look back and relive those days. I can’t look back and read how I felt the day I left University for College, or the day I graduated, or the first day of my first real job. I can’t open a book and call up how empowered I felt the day I called it quits on one of my relationships, when I finally stood up for myself and said, I deserve better.

I had a direct view into all these previous versions of myself, and I just discarded them like they were nothing. So please, don’t throw it away. Do yourself a favor and keep it all.

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