Fixing Tanner

Fixing Tanner by Rachel Del

Fixing Tanner is currently being re-written and will re-release in Summer 2019.

With two successful novels under his belt and the kind of single life that any warm-blooded male would kill for, Tanner Young thinks there is nothing that can stop him. That is until he meets Leah.

Leah Foster is beautiful, hard-headed and sharp as a whip—and the first and only woman Tanner could ever actually see himself with.

But she’s also completely uninterested in commitment.

In the midst of a ferocious bout of writer’s block, Tanner finds himself clinging to Leah in hopes that she can turn his book—and his life—around.

At once heartbreaking and hopeful, Fixing Tanner captures what it feels like to send your life running away from a past that is destroying your future.


“[A] messy true-to-life love story.”

“I had fallen in love with Tanner already in Finding Lily so as soon as I knew this book was coming, I knew I wanted to read it. And I wasn’t disappointed.”