Rachel Del Grosso, VP of Production

Rachel Del Grosso is the VP of Production at Wolfpack Publishing, and launched the teen/young-adult imprint, Wise Wolf Books in September 2020.

Rachel is a Business Administration-Marketing graduate of Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada. She began her publishing career in 2015 as Operations Manager at Wolfpack Publishing. As VP of Production, Rachel implements policies, approves project acquisitions, and oversees all departments within the company, including editorial and production. Her prior experience includes search engine marketing for one of Canada’s leading internet marketing firms, executive administrative roles, and project management in the field of outdoor advertising.

Rachel is a mother, wife, and avid reader living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s Canadian (eh!) and consumes far more coffee in a twenty-four-hour period than any one person should.

Publishing websites: www.wisewolfbooks.com, www.wolfpackpublishing.com